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Juniper is an evergreen shrub whose lifespan is 350 years. It is believed that it grows only in those places where there is clean air. The fruits, wood and essential oil of this shrub are widely used in many areas, including for the manufacture of medical products. There are various types of juniper and care for them will be slightly different. The main differences are in the choice of top dressing. But, in general, even an inexperienced gardener can grow juniper in a country house. To know all the nuances, we suggest reading this article. Disembarkation and site selection So, it is more expedient to plant a juniper at home in early spring. In this case, it is not necessary to wait for significant warming. On the contrary, if you plant a bush in the middle of spring, the risk of young shoots of pine needles in summer increases. It is also not recommended to plant the plant in autumn, as the juniper may not have time to settle down and acclimatize. To cultivate juniper passed without

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