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Ingredients: - Chicken breast fillet - 2 pcs. 250 gr. - spices to taste - salt - garlic - vegetable oil. Preparation: Combine your favorite spices (I have ground coriander, a mixture of peppers, hops-suneli, ground paprika), salt, garlic through garlic and vegetable oil. Chicken breast fillet well smeared with the mixture and leave for 30 minutes, you can and longer. Meanwhile, the oven warms up to 250 degrees C. On a baking sheet covered with foil, put the breast (I connected 2pcs) and for 12 minutes in the oven at the same temperature (if the breast is more, then 15 minutes is not more). You do not need to overdo it, otherwise the meat will turn out dry. Turn off the oven, DO NOT OPEN the door for 4 hours! I did in the evening and in the morning was a wonderful pastrama. Quick, easy and simple. But on this we do not say goodbye, come again!

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