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What exotic plants can be grown on their weave? In the Celestial Empire there were monks who allegedly lived to as long as 130 years (!), Using goji daily. Seeds (sold in supermarkets) are sown on seedlings in February, right on the soil surface. Cover with foil and put in a warm bright place. When there are 2 true leaves, dive into pots at least 7 cm deep. In early May, seedlings are planted in the garden. Goji is unpretentious. Blossom will begin on the 2nd year, on the 3rd - 4th year after planting. Plot choose sunny, with sandy neutral soil. A hole for each bush is dug at 40x40 cm. The earth is thoroughly mixed with fertilizers: 1 bucket of compost or humus, 1 cup of superphosphate, 1.5 tbsp. spoons of potassium sulfate. To get a good harvest, it is necessary to have 2 - 3 bushes at a distance of 1.5 - 2 m at the site. Plants are planted 1 cm deeper than they grew in a pot. Abundantly watered and mulch with humus or peat.

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