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Salad "Mistress"
I have been making this salad for many years, but still it remains one of the most beloved ones. Quick, tasty and juicy!

1. Beetroot (2 pcs.)
2. Hard cheese (150 g.)
3. Raisins (1 horst.)
4. Carrots (3 pcs.)
5. Garlic (3 tooth.)
6. Walnuts (1 horst.)
7. Mayonnaise
Beets, boil carrots.

Then the cooked products to rub on a fine grater. At the same time all the ingredients should be rubbed in the hotel plates. Cheese grate also on a fine grater. Garlic should be squeezed, chopped nuts. Raisins need to be steamed, for this purpose just lower it for a few minutes in boiling water. In order to give the salad a beautiful and appetizing shape, you need to collect it in layers:

The first layer - mix carrots with mayonnaise and raisins (you can simply smear this layer with mayonnaise, but if you mix, it will taste better).

2nd layer - mix mayonnaise, garlic and cheese.

The 3rd layer includes beets, mayonnaise and nuts.

All ingredients must be thoroughly mixed.

Enjoy your meal!

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