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Vegetable tian with cheese and garlic sauce
- Cut 1 eggplant into slices
- Cut 1 zucchini into slices
- Cut 2 solid tomatoes into slices
- Cut 2 red onions into coarse slices
- Salt to taste
- Vegetable oil for frying
- Breading flour
- 30 g cheese finely grate
For the sauce:
- 30 g of butter
- 30 g of flour
- 350 ml of milk
- 5 cloves of garlic squeeze out
- 150 g of hard cheese coarsely grate
Heat oven to 180 ° C. Vegetables roll in flour, shake off the excess and fry in batches in a pan on both sides, on a small amount of vegetable oil. For the sauce, in a small saucepan, mix the butter and flour, fry over low heat until golden. Add milk, salt to taste, bring to a boil and thoroughly whisk all together with a whisk. Continue to simmer, stirring occasionally, until the sauce thickens. Remove from heat. Add garlic and cheese to the sauce. Mix well. Vegetables are well salted and put overlapped in rows, alternating, in a ceramic baking dish. Cover vegetables with cheese and garlic sauce evenly and sprinkle with cheese. Insert the tian into the preheated oven and bake until golden brown, 25-30 minutes. Take the vegetable tian from the oven and leave for 10 minutes to let the heat go and serve.

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