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I am Yakup, one of the 33 crew members from the Esperanza ship of Greenpeace, from 21 countries. I work as a radio on board. I'd like to tell you about the two actions we've done for the rainforest in the past week. Indonesia rainforests, orangutans (forest people in the local language) and thousands of other species of life have been plundered for decades. Intense carbon dioxide emissions from forests that are uncontrolled, illegally cut and burned to produce palm oil trigger global climate change. In the production of oil, there are many human rights violations: the lands are taken from the people, the public health is threatened by the fires and a high rate of child labor is employed. Join our campaign if you want to act today and do anything against this dirty palm oil production. "Wilmar" is the largest palm oil producer and most polluted manufacturer on the market; Although many years ago promised to make its production legal, ethical and sustainable, there was still no progress on this issue. "Mondelez", the producer of Oreo biscuits, is supplying palm oil from Wilmar. We, as the crew of the Greenpeace ship Esperanza, followed the tanker named, "Stolt Tenacity", which brought this oil from Wilmar to Indonesia. On the morning of November 17th, we took 6 protesters off the coast of Gibraltar.

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