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This proven way of cropping rediski giving early and rich crop.
As sought redisku to winter.
When choosing a seed, one should pay attention to its resistance to low temperatures and small amount of light. For the winter they sow the variety "Heat" or "Dawn". With good weather in spring, they will yield 15-20 days after emergence.
Small grooves are made on a dug-up bed - about 30-50 mm. So that they do not wash out due to rains, and the water does not carry away the seeds, the grooves must be covered. Preparation is over - it remains to wait for the landing time.
When the temperature is stable at 0 degrees, or the thaw is no longer foreseen, you can embark. In the pre-prepared grooves lay only dry radish seeds. The number of seeds is doubled, since many seeds will not survive the winter, respectively, will die. Then the seeds must be sprinkled with dry soil (it is better to pre-mix it 50:50 with peat). If it is already snowing on the street, then they can also powder the garden bed. In winter, whenever possible, snow is pounded on the bed.

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