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Unusual and bright salad of tomatoes. You now know what should be the New Year's dishes in 2018. Now we will list the recipes of these dishes. The first salad recipe is incredibly simple. And if you can cook it, then your table will be even more festive. What to prepare the salad? Prepare: Tomatoes of small size (by the number of guests); Chicken eggs 4 pieces; Hard cheese 100 grams; Decorating greens and mayonnaise. How to cook: Boil chicken eggs until tender. Then cut the clean tomatoes. The core is taken out from each half. Eggs rub on a coarse grater. But for small cheese use. Mix everything. After that, mayonnaise is added to the mixture, as well as spices (pepper and salt). Tomatoes are filled with this mixture, and a sprig of parsley is used as a top for decoration.

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