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Christmas snack with herring.
You will need: chicken eggs, hard-boiled, - 5 pieces; Herring fillet - 300 g; herring roe - 60 g; processed cheese - 180 g; boiled carrots - 1 pc .; mayonnaise - 50 g; Greens - for decoration. Preparation: Pre-frozen curd cheese rubbed on a grater. Grind carrots in the same way. Eggs clean. Cut along. Take out the yolks. Fish fillet and caviar are minced (can be finely chopped or chopped in a blender). Mix cheese, carrots, yolks, fish fillets and caviar. We fill with mayonnaise. Stir. For a quarter of an hour, remove to the fridge. We start the egg whites with the prepared mass and decorate the appetizer with greens. ..

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