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Hot fish dishes for the new year
Recipe for salmon on a vegetable cushion, step by step.
To prepare this dish we need salmon steaks
Sprinkle them with seasoning (a mixture of seasonings and peppers), sprinkle with lemon juice and leave for 30 minutes. Cut the sliced ​​potatoes into thin slices, put them in an even layer, add salt and sprinkle with spices for potatoes. Put the carrot into thin slices and sprinkle with seasoning for carrots in Korean, non-sharp or hops-suneli Next cut onion into thin half-rings After this we place our fish steaks on a vegetable cushion Prepare the sauce, add 250 ml of milk 2 tsp of sour cream, salt and Piece of chopped dill, and two small handfuls of grated hard cheese, mix. Pour our fish with prepared sauce. Send our plastic mold to the oven, preheated to 160 degrees. for 50 minutes During this time both fish and vegetable pillow have time to get ready

We spread on a dish, we decorate with greens

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