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What is Borderline Personality Disorder? Information about Borderline:

It is a very common but very unknown disorder. Those with the "borderline personality disorder" experience a fear of excessive abandonment. In order to prevent this, they can resort to threats such as threatening, attempting suicide. Here is detailed information about borderline personality disorder Borderline, also known as borderline personality disorder, can be defined as a syndrome accompanied by imbalance and a number of impulsivity patterns that appear in interpersonal relationships in general.

Borderline personality disorder is often a destructive mental health condition for both those who have this disorder and those around them. The person with borderline personality disorder thinks black or white. They cannot accept and reject the main options and experience turmoil in both emotional and friendship relationships. In addition, widespread instability in the mood, interpersonal relations, self-image, identity, behavior, and a deterioration in the individual's sense of self is seen.

Some experts have suggested that the difficulties of regulating the concerns or moods of people diagnosed with borderline personality disorder may be hereditary. Mood swings often arise in response to stressful life conditions, particularly interpersonal relationships or internal conflicts. Individuals with borderline personality disorder have a severe sensitivity to exclusion and perceived abandonment, and respond with an outburst of anger or self-harm and suicidal behavior when they feel abandoned.

Because these behaviors damage close interpersonal relationships, they experience great fears such as exclusion or abandonment. Impulsive behaviors, such as emptiness and distress, identity confusion and extravagance, risky sexuality, substance abuse, careless driving, or obesity, are another symptom of borderline personality disorder. Individuals with borderline personality disorder may occasionally show stress-dependent paranoia or irrational thought.

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