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How to wash the tulle to make it white. If you decide to wash the tulle, so that it becomes white in the washing machine, read some rules: Do not run the curtains to a state where conventional laundry detergents fail. It is better to wash frequently, but the curtains will look well-groomed and clean. Do not neglect soaking. Stay in soapy water should be at least 2-3 hours.

It is better to leave the product overnight. In this case, you will most likely get rid of the pollution. Do not crumple the tulle when immersed in the machine automatic drum. It is very difficult to get rid of creases. Water temperature during washing should not exceed 40 degrees.

Use delicate wash mode. In order not to spoil the tulle at home, do not use the spin of a washing machine. It is better to let the water drain yourself. If possible, purchase a special bag for washing. It will protect the fabric from clues and damage.

Pay attention to the detergent. Choose the ones that are suitable for white fabrics. Soaking tulle. In addition to dust curtains can suffer from fatty drops, stains of children's creativity and other contaminants. Tulle in the kitchen is particularly affected.

The main thing to remember is: if the tulle is so many years old and he has survived more than one wash, he is unlikely to return the freshness to it. Judging by the reviews of experienced housewives, to remove the yellowness is almost impossible. If you need to refresh the tulle.

Curtains need regular washing. If you decide to wash them during cleaning, just soak them in soda solution for an hour in warm water, and then put the machine in the machine. At home, light pollution is easy to handle. Washing in the machine. How to remove light yellowness.

In this case, salt is useful. Dissolve it in proportions of 1 tablespoon to one liter of warm water and soak the cloth. Depending on the degree of yellowness, the soaking time can vary from one to twelve hours.

Salt also copes with fresh blood stains. Last chance for tulle. If you still decide to whiten grandmother's tulle, we advise you to add a few drops of blue hair during the wash. Blue is also successfully replaced with green paint from a pharmacy.

Unfortunately, this method can be used once. In the future, the effect will not be so noticeable. Wash tulle with brilliant green should be carefully, after making sure that it is completely dissolved in water.

Watch the video. Whitening with green paint. Remove visible spots. Straighten the tulle and determine the spot concentration spots. Pour them with starch, rub a little and leave for 5-10 minutes.

Perhaps starch absorbs fat from the first time. You can use a special whitening soap, which must be rubbed with a cloth. Can I use bleach? If the tulle is solid, without a pattern or inserts of a different color, you can choose a quality bleach.

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