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My Cast-Iron Skillet Is My Favorite Healthy Cooking Tool | Before I owned a cast iron skillet, I never thought I would like it. I thought it was just a pan. Sure, a fancy-looking pan, right?
Wrong My cast-iron skillet has completely revolutionized my cooking game. It is a perfect tool for making French toast.

What makes it so special? Cast-iron skillets are naturally nonstick, can withstand super high temperatures, and are oven-safe. When properly seasoned, cast-iron pans are naturally nonstick. And, unlike coated with nonstick pans, heat, high heat and low heat.

I like to make it, then I’ll make it. Basically, you should carefully consider getting one ASAP. It's honestly not even that much of a splurge. You can buy a 10-inch cast-iron skillet for just $ 25. If you sign up for a SELFstarter — you can get a 10 percent cash back on your purchase.

They are not a lot of tools. Just never EVER wash your pan with anything like steel wool, because it will strip it off. If you can use it, it’s hotly contested — some people think it’s hot.
If you’re trying to make it, you’ll get a little bit harder to repair. Now you can cook in it. I can't wait to try | SELF

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