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“Cheese fondue with vegetables” recipe - vegetarian food:
Ingredients Dried garlic
ground 1 tsp
Cheese Gruyere 400 grams
Wheat flour 3 tsp
Dry white wine 1.75 cups
Nutmeg ¼ teaspoon
Brussels sprouts to taste
Cauliflower to taste
Pepper Bulgarian to taste
Bread whole grain to taste
Cherry tomatoes to taste
Carrots to taste


1. For cheese sauce it is better to take a container with a thick bottom (it does not stick, it is easy to wash).
2. Mix the cheese with the flour. Grate the inside of the pot with garlic. Put on medium heat and add wine. Before the wine starts to boil and add cheese. Then nutmeg. Reduce the heat to a small one and stir until the cheese melts and starts to bubble. Transfer the mixture to a fondue bowl. Stir periodically.

Vegetables for classic cheese fondue can be served fresh or baked / grilled.

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