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Sami - Top Ten Indigenous Peoples in the Arctic - Snowflake News

The Arctic has been a habitat for humans for thousands of years. It now has a population of about four million and is spread over more than one-sixth of the land on Earth. There are more than 40 different ethnic groups, and there are more than 10 languages ​​spoken. These ethnic groups are distributed in these eight Arctic countries: Canada, the United States, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Greenland (Denmark).

These Arctic residents live on land, and their language, culture and traditional lifestyles blend together, which is a common feature. Reindeer herding, fishing and hunting, collecting wild plants, and traditional industries are the main content of their lives. Some people in the north lived a nomadic and semi-nomadic life, and some lived in the same place.

In recent years, the Arctic indigenous inhabitants had some major problems, is also facing life changes. Industrialization, social changes, and environmental issues such as climate change are some of the major challenges facing these residents. In 1991, the Arctic Parliament was established to address the “common threat to the Arctic environment and the impact of pollution on the fragile Arctic ecosystem”. In recent years, the world has begun to turn its attention to the Arctic region.

These problems have improved, but the process has been slow. To solve the problem, the road is still far away. However, as the people of the Arctic continue to express their opinions and participate in the discussion of the issues, it is very likely to find solutions to the problems, and their diverse cultures and rich homes can be protected.

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