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How to Make a Mosaic Plant Pot Holder

Skill level : Beginner to Intermediate
You Will Need

Ceramic tiles or other ceramic items
Plastic bag or newspaper
Wooden spatula
Tile adhesive
Plant pot to mosaic onto
Grout powder
Waterproofing medium
Craft paint
Soft cloth

How to Make

Make your own mosaic tiles by breaking up ceramic items or tiles using a hammer. Remember to enclose the item in a thick plastic bag or newspaper before breaking it up. If you’d like to cut out specific shapes, it would be better to use a two-wheeled tile cutter.
Now you can start doing the mosaic. Use a wooden spatula and spread an even layer of tile adhesive over approximately one-third of the edge. We used Tylon Super-Flex tile adhesive, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Press the mosaic tiles into the tile adhesive. Leave small, even spaces in-between the tiles, arranging them as if you were assembling a jigsaw puzzle. Try to position them in line with the top edge of the pot so the top edge will be neat once completed. Repeat to cover the remainder of the top edge, then complete the rest of the pot, working in sections. Set aside for approximately three hours to allow the adhesive to dry completely.
Pour a little light-grey grout powder into a small plastic container, then slowly stir in the waterproofing medium, mixing well to combine. Stir until the mixture has the consistency of thick paste. (It doesn’t take long to mix the grout so you can always mix more if you need it later.)
Now mix a little craft paint into the grout mixture so as to colour it, again stirring well to combine. Note: The colour will be slightly lighter once the grout has dried. Use your hands to spread the grout over the entire surface of the pot, ensuring you fill in every groove between the tiles.
Set the pot aside for about two hours to dry. Once completely dry, wipe it down with a damp sponge to remove the excess grout. Set aside for another hour to dry completely before polishing the entire surface with a soft cloth.

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