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Solar cells produced in the form of glass

American engineers produced transparent and permeable solar cells that could function as glass. It is envisaged that a large amount of electrical energy can be produced by using transparent materials that store solar energy produced by researchers from the University of Michigan in the US as windows in buildings.

It is stated that thin and plastic-like materials can be used in buildings as well as in automobiles, mobile phones and other electronic goods. Richard Lunt, a professor of chemical engineering and materials science at the University of Michigan, who led the study, pointed out that such applications have the greatest potential for solar energy production at least as far as roof-top panels. "Transparent panels will be the new wave in the future of solar energy applications." said.

Underlining the need for low-cost and innovative alternative energy applications to move away from fossil fuels in energy consumption, Lunt is still estimated to have 5 billion square meters to 7 billion square meters of glass surfaces in the United States, and if the entire area is covered with transparent solar panels, he stressed that a potential could meet 40 percent.

Roof units have similar potential, Lunt said. "The development of both technologies together, 100 percent of energy demand, as well as increase the ability to store energy." used expressions.

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