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Taming hypertension with Chinese dates. Unabi (Chinese date, zizifus) is a very valuable medicinal fruit plant. It perfectly lowers the pressure - up to 40-60% of the original. The fruits have a rare combination of vitamins C and P, minerals, trace elements and bioactive substances.

If you are worried about diabetes, anemia, nervous exhaustion, reduced male potency, cardiovascular diseases, the treatment of Unabi will help to cope with them and will serve as an excellent prevention. It is very easy to treat them.

Eat 20 berries after eating 3 times a day. And so 20 days. Then take a 10-day break and repeat the course. Thus, blood pressure can be kept under control without any medication. In unabi everything is useful - leaves, bark, roots. Fruits and leaves can be dried for winter and consumed as needed.

From the leaves brew tea. 1 tbsp. dry or 1.5 tbsp. fresh raw insist in a kettle or thermos for half an hour. Drink during the day 100 ml. Drinking at night improves sleep.

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