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For those of you who have been following along our fireplace redesign decision process we have a winner design! We will begin plans to replicate this stunner from @coco.and.jack & their @oneroomchallenge space they completed! After all the contemplating about full height metal, black stone, plaster, shiplap, concrete etc. the cost was becoming too exorbitant and we recognized we are slowly pricing this home out of our neighborhood as it is. So, although this design is simpler, you can see it is a stunning, clean look and we can’t wait to get started! All of this will finally get the TV placement where it needs to be to FINALLY balance this long narrow room! Getting this family room completed is so exciting!!! (PS: Coco & Jack have been so kind in sharing with us...with questions we have had - thank you so much!!!) #ivybrooklanereno #fireplace

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Natalia  Yaxont

Natalia Yaxont