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    In order for the pyramid to have its beneficial effect, it must be properly made and correctly oriented to the sides of the world. With apparent simplicity, the pyramid is inherently a complex field multifunctional device that can positively influence both the human body and its environment only if properly applied. The proportions of such a pyramid must correspond to the Great Pyramid at Giza (the Cheops pyramid) -that is, this is a regular four-sided pyramid, the sizes of which are chosen in the proportions of the "golden section", which determine the angle of inclination of the edges of the pyramid 51 degrees 14 seconds-the same. like the water molecule, whose hydrogen bonds are ideally structured in the form of a pentapolymer. If you deviate from these proportions, the effect of the pyramid deteriorates. The pyramid can be closed or wireframe. It should be noted that some researchers believe that the trihedral pyramid is superior in its effectiveness tetrahedral.

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