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Provide natural care with olive leaves to your skin.

What is the olive leaf mask?
Olive leaves, which have many effects on the skin, is a product that has healing properties against the openings of the skin and the mushrooms which may occur on the skin. Olive leaf has a regulatory effect on all skin types. Thanks to its anti-wrinkle effect, it provides shine on matte skin.

2 tablespoons dried olive leaf,
1 tablespoon of petroleum jelly,
1 teaspoon olive oil,
1 cup water,

Let's start by pouring a glass of water into a cup. Then add 1 tablespoon of Vaseline and melt. Add 1 teaspoon olive oil and 2 tablespoons of dried olive leaf over the melting vase and mix thoroughly. Continue until the mixing process is concentrated.

When it's done, hold it for 2 minutes and rub it thoroughly with a brush. If you do not have a brush or massage, you can do this easily. After application, wait 30 minutes and wash your skin with warm water. Since the mixture is a strong mask it will be sufficient to apply once a week. This mask will prevent your skin from smudging, wrinkles, acne, acne and black spots, giving you a smooth, soft skin.

After regular use, your skin will have a healthy look and it will increase resistance to cold, fungi and viruses. Olive leaves, which play a major role in the treatment of problematic skin, are suitable for every skin. It is moisturizing for dry skin, while it has oil balancing properties for oily skin. Olive leaf is a natural and healthy mixture against the excess grease, stains, dryness and pimples on your skin.

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