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Gentle, tasty tomatoes, carrots, rice and onions

Tomatoes - 1 - 1.3 kg,
Carrots - 600 g,
Onions - 600 grams,
Rice - 1 cup (250 g),
Vegetable oil - 150-200 ml,
Salt, sugar - on 1,5 ch. l (or better put to taste),
Spices - a mixture of peppers, turmeric, dry garlic - to taste,
parsley - one bunch.

Rice boil almost to the preparedness in a large amount of slightly salted water, discarded in a colander and allowed to drain excess liquid. Wash carrots, brush and rub on a large grater, slightly add salt. Send to the pot for frying, bring to semi-preparedness and add to the carrots finely chopped onion. Leave it to stew, stirring occasionally. Wash tomatoes, cut off the tops and take out the middle. Carrots and onion in the meantime are brought to readiness, in them we add crushed cores of tomatoes and undercooked rice, we try for salt, sugar, we add if necessary. We give it all 15 minutes at a time (at the same time, it boils out excess liquid, it will absorb rice into it). The rest of the tomato is slightly salted and laid out on a dish. We start with a slightly cooled stuffing, decorate with greens and cool. We send it to the refrigerator for several hours

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