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Useful properties of currant leaves

The high content of biologically active substances makes currant leaves useful in spring and autumn colds. They help to restore strength after protracted diseases, tone up the body, give vivacity. Decoction of currant leaves has an anti-inflammatory effect, the effectiveness of which can be compared with the action of medicines. Currant leaves are perfectly disinfected, which is useful for skin diseases. Black currant leaves contain more vitamin C than berries, so they are used as a tonic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic, diuretic and cleanser. Different parts of the bush contain different amounts of vitamin C: leaves - up to 460 mg, kidneys - up to 175 mg, buds up to 450 mg, flowers - up to 270 mg. Phytoncides, which are rich in plant leaves, help quickly recover from colds. Decoctions improve the patient's condition with bronchitis, angina, reduce the temperature, and remove hoarseness. With angina, the sore throat can be rinsed with a warm broth. Infusion of black currant leaves removes excess purine and uric acid from the body. It is used as a mild laxative, diuretic and diaphoretic, with disturbed metabolism and bleeding. For elderly people, this drink will help to maintain vision, normalize the activity of the cardiovascular system, and support brain activity. Tincture of currant leaves clears the vessels, which is very important for the elderly, and it also lowers blood pressure. The broth gently expands the vessels, which improves the condition in certain diseases. Scientists say that substances, which are contained in currant leaves, kill the dysentery rod, and also increase the effectiveness of antibiotics. Tibetan sages advise to make tea with acute respiratory diseases, genitourinary diseases. Drink from leaves is recommended to use during epidemics of influenza, since it has antiviral effect. The leaves contain substances that help the lungs work and treat pneumonia.

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