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The first thing to do against the changing dessert is: Planting trees - Greenist | Green for all

If you are looking at some of the upcoming natural disasters or watching Hollywood productions for the future, you know. In terms of ways to combat climate change, my mind is now coming up with post-apocalyptic scenarios and inventions of the future that have yet to be seen. Giant skyscrapers absorbing carbon dioxide in the air, airplanes spraying chemicals to improve air quality, extreme hot and cold resistant clothing, powder formulas that take in fresh food, the list goes on.

Oxford University's recent climate change report points out two things we need to do before applying for the help of robots: planting trees and increasing soil quality. According to the report, these are the two best investments that can be made by 2050 today. The most important reason for this is that the cost of planting and soil improvement measures is very low, unlike technological solutions to reduce carbon emissions, and does not create a negative impact. Emission Reducing Technologies, known as NET (Negative Emission Technologies), should be used to meet the goal of not allowing the planet's temperature difference to exceed two degrees, not to save the day.

In order to increase the quality of the soil, it is necessary to add layers of soil to increase the quality of the soil and not only the areas we live in, but also some of the non-woody areas of the earth should be planted. In order to increase the quality of the existing forests, we need to cut old trees and make room for young people and cultivate plants carrying food- methods used by mankind for tens of thousands of years should be consulted. You can read the report published by Oxford University from here, you can read the article about it in Atlantic here (https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2015/02/the-best-technology-for-fighting-climate-change-trees/385304/).

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