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Indoor flowers and plants Floromania. Natural means for stimulating the growth of plant roots. For the joy of the gardeners. To speed up the growth and formation of roots at the shoots, it is not necessary to use chemistry! This information is useful to all gardeners: with the help of natural resources it is possible to attain noteworthy results on your institution.

The root growth stimulator will help in the formation of roots on cuttings of genuinely complex rooting rats. Powerful roots will allow young saplings to get more food from the soil, they will soon grow, flower and bring a good harvest.

Stimulants root

Rots Honey
Racvor 1 tsp. honey in 1.5 liters of water. Perch cuttings in honey water for 12 hours (about one-third of the water should be found in the water).

Gave a large kartofelina glazki, sdeyay in it nadrez and put it in the stalk. Do not forget to water the potato! The stalk is very fast with roots, because kartofel is an ideal feeder.

Aloe juice
Stir in the water and add 7-10 drops of aloe juice to it. Aloe juice not only helps to grow roots, it will guarantee future immunity.

Ivoya voda
Some of the willow twigs (you can use a bagel and poplar), put it in the water and wait for the appearance of the roots. Take out the branches and the cuttings in the same water. This is a great job!

Yeast rectifier
Prepare a yeast solution: 100 mg yeast for 1 liter. Keeping the cuttings in it during the day, then put them into the ordinary water.

After stimulating the growth of the roots of the flower, it is possible to drift into the ground! This is proven by a single generation of people. The young shoots of races will delight you with their strong and magnificent appearance!

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