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How to cure sinusitis at home

1- For rapid and effective treatment of maxillary sinusitis, consult with a specialist. An experienced doctor, after studying the general condition of the body, will assign you the necessary course of procedures. Any use of traditional medicine should be agreed with a specialist, since many of them have a number of contraindications and side effects.

2- Prepare a solution based on St. John's wort. This drug is capable of killing pathogens and is a natural antibiotic.

3- To make a solution, pour 1 teaspoon of dry St. John's wort with a glass of steep boiling water. The container with the infusion is covered with a dense lid. After 20-30 minutes, strain the solution.

4- With this product, wash the nasal passages 3-4 times a day. Such a tool perfectly helps with chronic sinusitis, as a preventive measure.

5- Use a herbal mixture to facilitate breathing. To prepare this remedy, you will need a chemist's chamomile (2 teaspoons), marsh swine (3 teaspoons), St. John's Wort (3 teaspoons).

6- Mix all ingredients and pour 2 cups of boiling water. After 30-40 minutes, infuse the infusion. Bury the finished product in the nasal passages (2-3 drops each) with a pipette.

7- Independently manufacture an ointment for cleansing the nasal sinuses. To do this, you need 1 teaspoon of Vishnevsky's finished ointment, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice, cyclamen root, calanchoe and onion.

8- Mix all the ingredients. Using a cotton swab, apply a small amount of funds to the nasal passages. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

9- Use clay compresses. This procedure will ease your condition and relieve the inflammatory process.

10- In the nearest pharmacy, buy a bag of white cosmetic clay. Dilute it with a small amount of water until a uniform consistency of steep dough is obtained. Two small pieces of bandage (gauze) soak with vegetable oil.

11- Place the tissue on both sides of the nose (on the nasal sinus area), and on top of the clay cakes. Keep the compress for 40-60 minutes.

Sinusitis is a disease of the sinuses of the nose. The cause of this ailment is the penetration of bacteria that cause the inflammatory process. As a result, breathing becomes difficult, purulent discharge is formed, the mucous membrane of the nose is swollen. Cure this disease can be using proven recipes of folk medicine.

- St. John's wort (collection);
- Chamomile pharmacy (collection);
- marsh swine (collection);
- Vishnevsky ointment;
- Aloe juice;
- juice of onions;
- the juice of the cyclamen root;
- Kalanchoe juice;
- White clay;
- pipette;
- Wadded

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