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- Beef brass 600 g
- Vegetable oil 30 ml
- Onion (100 g) 1 pc.
- Flour corn 4 g
- Wine red dry (table) 200 ml
- Salt sea ¼ tsp.
- Dried basil ¼ tsp.
- Oregano ¼ tsp

Preparation: The

stew is obtained very soft, fragrant due to the use of wine during the quenching process. Of course, the recipe is most suitable for beef, but you can also cook other meat.
Pieces of meat, cut into oblong pieces across the fibers, put it loosely on a hot frying pan.
Fry from all sides until a crust is formed.
Transfer the meat to another dish, and fry in a frying pan for 1-2 minutes, cut into quarter-rings onions with a teaspoon of cornmeal.
Then pour in the wine and bring it to a boil.
Return the meat to the frying pan.
Add the boiling water or broth so that it almost covers the meat, salt, add the spices and simmer under the lid on a small fire for about an hour.
Ready meat should be soft and fragrant. Serve it with vegetables or other light garnish.

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