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Top-7 best pizza toppings

Pizza is a matter of taste. There are no exact recipes and proportions here, someone likes more mushrooms, and someone is crazy about vegetables and cheese. We present the basic varieties of fillings that almost everyone likes.
1. Margarita

Nothing better and tastier until people come up with, than a combination of cheese, tomatoes and green basil. Tomatoes can be used cured, can be fresh and add tomato sauce. Do not forget about garlic, pepper and salt. Classical Neapolitan pizza is made with this filling.
2. Sausages

Assortment of any smoked sausages can be diluted with a small number of sausages or boiled sausages. Especially good in the filling look hunting sausages.
3. Vegetarian

Any combination of vegetables. One of the most successful: eggplant and sweet pepper.

4. Meat assortment

Suitable for men. In such pizza it is possible to collect pork roasted minced meat, pieces of beef or pork in sauce or cooked on a grill, you can add pickled cucumbers, zucchini and sweet pepper.
5. Seafood

Shrimp, octopus and fish (the easiest way to take canned tuna in your own juice) is an excellent solution for seafood lovers. You can shade the taste of seafood, if you add chopped olives.
6. Smoked chicken

One of the most interesting and satisfying options of the filling: slices of fragrant chicken meat, red onions, olives, corn kernels and, probably, bacon.
7. With forest mushrooms

Sliced ​​white, boletus and chanterelles in the mushroom season - an excellent filling for pizza. You can add sweet pepper and onion rings.

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