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Two mandatory ingredients

Tomato sauce and cheese are essential ingredients of any pizza. They, along with the test, create much of the success of the dish. You can choose not too interesting stuffing for pizza, but choosing a bad sauce will mean crashing everything!
Cheese for pizza

The most successful and good cheese for pizza - mozzarella, and from buffalo milk. It is not rubbed, but cut into plates. This cheese seems to permeate the dough, gathering together all the ingredients of the filling and making the dish whole and harmonious. But, alas, mozzarella, especially good, is not always available. The second most important pizza cheese is Parmesan. If there is not also it, the gouda or even Dutch, but not very sharp cheese will approach.

Pizza sauce

For tomato sauce, good tomatoes are important. If you make fresh sauce, then take the most delicious, and do not use the mash that is sold in the markets under the sign "tomatoes for cooking". Pizza does not tolerate rot. And when the tomatoes come off, you can make tomato sauce in your own juice.

1 bank of tomatoes in its own juice (you can add 2-3 fresh delicious tomatoes)
4-5 tooth. garlic
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 onion
1 tbsp. sugar
Black ground pepper

Step 1. With tomatoes peel off. Peel onion and garlic. Cut very finely in a blender.
Step 2. Fry the onion and garlic very quickly in olive oil.
Step 3. Cut the canned and fresh (if used) tomatoes and add to onions and garlic. Slightly overpower. Then add the juice.
Step 4. Salt and pepper. To simmer over low heat, gradually evaporating the liquid. When the sauce becomes thick, add sugar.
Step 5. Whip the sauce with a blender. This sauce is suitable not only for pizza, but also for lasagna, for pasta, and also for stewed vegetables.

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