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«Pizza Pastry Bakery Products»

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Пицца Ла Чиполла
- 250 г тесто для пиццы
- 180 г сыр Моцарелла
- 20 г лук красный
- 30 г ветчина
- 35 г перец болгарский
- 30 г колбаса Зальцбургская
- 30 г колбаса Пеперони
- 30 г бекон
- 30 г шампиньоны маринованные
- 20 г маслины
- 20 г лук маринованный
- 10 мл масло оливковое
Cut the red onion and cut into thin half rings. Ham, bacon, Salzburg sausage and Pepperoni sausage cut into thin slices or slices. Sausage can be used not necessarily the one that is given in the recipe of this pizza. Any sausage that is at hand will do. Pepper bulgarian thoroughly rinse, remove the stalk and all the insides. Walls of pepper cut into thin strips. Dough for pizza roll out on a table in the form of a thin round pancake. Top with pizza sprinkled with grated cheese mozzarella. On top of the cheese evenly put the ham, bacon, sausage, pitted olives, marinated onion (pearl bulbs), thinly sliced ​​marinated mushrooms, bell pepper and red onion. Pizza bake until ready. Ready pizza cut into eight pieces. Paste the edges of the pizza with olive oil.

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