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Meat For Lazy

● Minced meat - 500 g
● Onion (optional) - 1 pcs.
● Champignons (canned cut, small) - 1 ban.
● Cheese hard - 200-250 g
● Bread (white, stale) - 1 slice.
● Mayonnaise - 100 g
● Milk (or water) - 0.5 stack.

Bread (it is desirable that it was bread, not a loaf, and the slice should be thick enough, cm 2) soak in milk without crusting, then squeeze lightly. Mix the bread with minced meat. Add the peeled and chopped onions. This is optional, you can do without it, but, in my opinion, the onion gives the products of mince juiciness. All together to pass through a meat grinder. Add salt, pepper and, if desired, seasoning for minced meat.

But you have to be careful, because a thick cheese crust on the casserole also adds salinity. Mince thoroughly mix. Put the stuffing in a mold, greased with vegetable oil and razrovnovat.Mazat with mayonnaise. At the top, evenly decompose the mushrooms. Now, all covered with grated cheese grilled on a large grater. Put the casserole in a hot oven. Bake at 180 * C for 40-50 minutes. When the aromatic cheese is crusted, the dish is ready.

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