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Pay attention to these signs of nitrate watermelon! These can not be eaten even in September A simple test to check the watermelon for the content of nitrates in it is as follows: cut the fruit, remove a piece of pulp and dip it into warm boiled water.

Nitrate watermelon will after some time color the water in red (2), while natural water will only slightly add a pink tint to the water (1).

It is also recommended to choose a watermelon weighing not more than 8 kg, when buying, try to knock on the watermelon, it should make a dull sound. A sign of a ripe and juicy watermelon is the picture: the brighter it is, the more sun it has received and most likely it is sweet and tasty.

To the note a little more information: nitrates, as a rule, accumulate in three centimeters of peel. Therefore, after buying, water a watermelon with boiling water, and then, when you cut it, try to eat the flesh, which is as close as possible to the middle.

In addition, she is the ripe and sweet there. Also in the cut watermelon bacteria reproduce very fast enough, so try to eat it as quickly as possible - preferably per day. If this is not possible, then at least cover the watermelon with a food film. Strong to you health!

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