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«Cakes and Sweets»

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Когда вы уходите, не поставив лайк мире грустит один котик.

БИСКВИТ 18 см:
6 яиц
220 г сахара
220 г муки
1 ч.л. разрыхлителя
60 г сливочного масла
1 ч.л. цветков лаванды
1 ч.л. ванильного экстракта
Пищевой краситель по желанию

Half a portion of sugar with flowers of lavender is poured into yolks, the second half is squirrels. Whisk the whiskers to stand-up peaks. On the yolks pour the vanilla extract and beat until lightening and increasing the mass. We connect both masses and gently mix the spatula. Sift the flour and baking powder, stir. Introduce melted butter at room temperature and last time with a shovel. Add food coloring (optional). We distribute in three forms with a diameter of 18 cm (or two, but in one test, pour more than twice) and sent to the oven to bake at a temperature of 180˚ until ready 30-40 minutes.

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