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«Delicious & Healthy Foods»

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Tomatoes in Korean

-2 kg tomato cut large (in half)
-4 pcs. Bulgarian pepper
-2 heads of garlic
-2 pcs red hot pepper-
green Dressing

-100 gr. vinegar
-100 gr. grows. oil
-100 gr. sugar
-2 tbsp. l. salt.

Pepper, garlic, red hot pepper (2 pcs.) To twist in a meat grinder. Mix. Cut the greens. Lay in layers in a 3-liter jar: tomatoes, then a mixture of vegetables, greens. Cover the can with a lid and put in the refrigerator in an upside down version on the neck. This is so that in 8 hours it was ready for use from the top. In the evening I made it, in the morning it's ready! And then you can keep in the usual position.

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