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Protein salad

mushrooms 180gr., Chicken fillet boiled 2 pcs. (170 grams), 1 egg + 2 protein, 2 medium onions (100 grams), cottage cheese 1.8% 100 grams, yogurt 0-1% 100 grams, garlic 2 slices, salt, pepper


boil the chicken fillet and chill

onions in a dry griddle 1-2 minutes, add chopped mushrooms and continue frying over medium heat (you can at large), so that the mushrooms are not much water, to a golden crust, put on a plate and allow to cool.

beat 1 egg and 2 squirrels, add salt and bake in a dry frying pan pancake, cool and cut into oblong squares.

make a dressing: mix cottage cheese with yogurt, add garlic, salt pepper.

cut chicken fillets into small cubes, add cooled mushrooms with onions and chopped protein pancake. zarvit mixture ready-made dressing and put in the refrigerator for several hours to impregnate!

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