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Salad "grenadier"

- 2-3 potatoes
- 1 large carrot
- 1 beets
- 100-150 g Pork
- 100 g prunes
- 150 g of mayonnaise
- greens and walnuts for decoration

vegetables (potato, carrot, beetroot) Broth in the peel until cooked. Potatoes and carrots, I boil in one bowl, and boil the beets separately, so as not to color other vegetables.

We cook until ready a whole piece of meat. The pork is needed for the recipe, and I had pork, but it seems to me that you can use beef and chicken if necessary.

When the ingredients we boiled, and they cooled off, we begin to cut them into small cubes, add them in layers and each layer is lubricated with mayonnaise.

1 layer - potatoes
2 layer - carrots
3 layer - boiled meat
4 layer - beet
5 layer - prunes We
adorn the salad with walnuts and greens.

Salad should be held a little so that it soaked in flavors. But it is better to do it in the cold, but not in the refrigerator (there mayonnaise from the beet turns red and the beauty of appearance is lost).

Copied with Festive cooking from Tatiana
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