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Knitted flowers
weaving of flowers
The device for making flowers is a tenentrif.
Yesterday laid out a link to the site with a book on untying flowers on spokes -
viewtopic.php? F = 65 & t = 3938 & p = 499109 # p499109.
And today I will continue about flowers for decorating knitted products. These flowers from yarn can be made using a special device that can be of different sizes and shapes - square, oval, round, with one, two more rows of "carnations" and, accordingly, of different sizes and shapes, flowers are obtained.
There is a magazine on the technique of knitting flowers in Tenerife (in Spanish, but the pictures are step-by-step and understandable) http://tenara39.livejournal.com/124840.html

And here's another whole book with clear pictures http://tam42387155.ya.ru/ replies.xml? item_no = 519

Here is a tutorial video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXVTUlkW ... _embedded #!

But our design thought does not stand still - it's not necessary to immediately break into the store! In the house there are always things from which you can create a miracle)

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