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«Embroider Crochet Knit Lace»

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Knitting Techniques Frankie Brown's Idea

1. Knitting squares.
The whole figure must be knitted with garter stitch.
Type 1 color loop (A) and add 1 loop each time until it becomes 7.

Then change the color to (B) and in the same way increase the number of loops to 21.

After that, go back to the color (A) and add loops to 29 - this is the middle of the square.

From now on, start decreasing the number of loops by 1 in the row.

When you get to 23 - change the color to (B), and when it becomes 9 - to (A).

You will reach to 3 - connect them all together. The square is ready.

2. Assembly.
Having connected the necessary number of squares, add a picture that suits you and carefully sew them together. After assembly, the blanket must be tied. Raise the loops around the perimeter and tie several rows of garter stitch. Or, choose any other way of processing the edge.

The number of squares necessary for your plaid should be calculated independently. To do this, you need to associate one square of the yarn you selected and, measuring its sides, get the required number (number of squares = the length of one side of the rug divided by the length of one side of the square).

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