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«History-Ancient Mediterranean»

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This painting by Dionisio Baixeras Berdaguer depicts the arrival in AD951 from Constantinople of a Monk, who had come to the court of Ab ar Rahman III Emir and Caliph of Córdoba (912–961), to translate the text of Greek physician Pedanius Dioscorides the De Materia Medica into Arabic.

Dioscorides PlantDioscorides had been a physician and contemporary of Roman man of letters, Pliny the Elder, in the first century. His famous herbal contains the names, descriptions and healing virtues of herbs.

He mentioned 500 plants that he had observed during all the seasons on the year and gave detailed instructions on how to gather and store them. The earliest copy in existence dates from the sixth century and was discovered in Constantinople in the 1560’s. It has some 400 full page colour illustrations, of which this is one | The Culture Concept Circle

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