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«History-Kemet (Ancient Egypt)»

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In ancient Egypt Tutankhamun reigned for eight years from 1339 to 1337 BCE and when his tomb was uncovered, archaeologists found buried with him bread, fruit, wine, ointments and other materials of plant origin, which have since been identified.Soft branches of olives were intertwined with willow to create wreaths. Wild celery, lotus, cornflowers and mandrake fruits were all present with bouquets of persea and olive leaves tied to a stick of common reed, which was also used for making arrows.

Bows were made of flowering or manna ash (Fraxinus ornus) Oils included olive, linseed, almond, sesame used for anointing the head and body and incenses came from the frankincense tree (Boswellia sacra) with myrrh gleaned from the Commiphora myrrha. | The Culture Concept Circle

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