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Station for domestic and industrial wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro is a modular treatment structure with unlimited capacity and almost unlimited functionality.

Combination of biological and physical-and-chemical treatment allows receiving of guarantied results for ample quantity of parameters and reduce size and price of treatment facilities.

Station for domestic wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro is an ideal solution for domestic wastewater treatment:
• hotels;
• resorts;
• health resorts;
• housing estates;
• cottage estates;
• microdistricts;
• settlements etc.

Presence of its own treatment facilities in the housing estate significantly increases site ecological value, its attractivity and resident comfort level. It provides stable profit for management company.

Based on the stations for wastewater deep biochemical treatment Alta Air Master Pro, by implementing the range of important modifications, we have developed and successfully operated treatment plants for industrial wastewater treatment for:
• milk plants;
• poultry farms;
• meat packing and meat-processing plants;
• fish farms;
• food industry enterprises etc.

Alta Group Company focuses on ecological performance, durability, reliability, low costs of installation and maintains during the whole development and production cycle.

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