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Oncologists urge not to eat these foods, they cause cancer.

And it's proven. Cancer is a complex group of diseases with a variety of possible causes. Among the known factors that cause cancer - genetics, smoking, malnutrition, some infections, exposure to chemicals, radiation exposure, etc. What is the role of nutrition in the prevention of cancer? Much more than you think. Studies show: 2 major factors that increase cancer risk - a passive lifestyle and poor nutrition. Fortunately, it's up to you to change this. In addition to quitting smoking, in order to lower the risk, you should monitor your weight, exercise regularly and adhere to a healthy diet with an emphasis on plant foods. Here are the 8 most carcinogenic products:

1. Refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

2. Processed meat.
Than to replace?
Buy low-fat meat and cook it yourself.

3. Artificially grown fish.
Than to replace?
Buy wild salmon - it is more expensive, but safer.

4. Marinated and smoked products.

5. Hydrogenated oils.
Than to replace?
Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or palm oil.

6. Potato chips.
Than to replace?
Fry the chips themselves, on a useful oil (for example, olive).

7. Popcorn from the microwave.

8. Refined white flour.
Than to replace?
Whole wheat, almond, barley flour.

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