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An electroplate Islamic Alhambra model casket box by Rafael Contreras, Granada Spain. Signed: R. Contreras E Hijo - Alhambra Granada 19th century. Rectangular domed casket with hinged lid, the electroplate surface carved with a muqarnas frieze along the edge, featuring intricate palmette motifs and geometric designs with calligraphic cartouches and Arabic inscriptions; the interior partially lined with red velvet. The design on the present casket resembles that along the walls of the interior courtyard of the golden room of the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the epitome of Nasrid patronage in Spain between 1232 and 1492. In the 19th century, the Orientalist movement sparked a renewed interest in Islamic history and the Alhambra became a popular subject for intricately crafted and modelled souvenir maquettes. Rafael Contreras (1826-1890) was part of a family of draftsmen involved in the restoration of the Alhambra at this period. Contreras continued to produce miniature architectural models as high-end souvenirs and accurate models that continue to be admired today. Measures: 7" high x 9" wide x 5".

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