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Pindzhur-Macedonian sauce for meat, potatoes ...

1 kg of fleshy pepper
- 1 kg of mature tomatoes
- 1 kg of eggplants
- 200 g of garlic
- 80 ml of ras. oil
- 4 hot chili peppers or another
- salt
- 50 ml of vinegar

- pepper, eggplants and tomatoes bake on a grate over coals or in an oven, put in a large bowl, cover with a kitchen towel to soften the vegetables. Clear everything.
- Pound the flesh with a wooden pestle, preferably in wooden utensils.
- Add crushed garlic, salt, oil and vinegar.
- Put in the refrigerator for several hours.

I lightly grinded the vegetables in a blender. I can leave the pieces bigger, but I prefer it in the form of a sauce.

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