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Why yellow ovaries in cucumbers in the greenhouse (Bacteriosis of cucumber. Photo from atmagro.ru)

Blame for Bacteriosis
The development of bacteriosis occurs with excessive humidity of air in the greenhouse in combination with a thickened planting. This insidious disease causes the fall and yellowing of cucumber ovaries, leading to a sharp decline in yield.

You should start to sound the alarm, if you find small cobweb spots on the cucumber leaves - this is the signal of the beginning bacteriosis. In damp weather, droplets of turbid liquid (bacterial colonies) appear on them. Drying, the affected areas are thinned and crumbled. As a result, the leaves of plants appear to be covered with small holes, and the flowers begin to wilt and crumble.

Most often bacteriosis manifests itself in a damp, cool summer. Having discovered the first signs of the disease, the affected flowers are carefully removed, and the wounds appearing in their place are wiped with a cotton disc moistened with a pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.

To prevent this and other types of rotting plants in the greenhouse, it is recommended to spray regularly with a 1% solution of Bordeaux liquor , or with a 0.4% solution of copper chloride chloride.

Thus, observing the rules for the care of greenhouse cucumbers, you are unlikely to encounter yellowing and oviposition of the ovaries on plants. And in a cold and rainy summer, it is better to prevent such problems - preventive spraying and more frequent and careful airing of the greenhouse will help.

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