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2,000 year old mummified 'sleeping beauty' dressed in silk emerges on the shoreline Yenisei River in Tyva Republic from the Sayano-Shushensk water reservoir, Siberia.

The lower part of the body was especially well preserved. Pictures: Marina Kilunovskaya.
A team of archeologists from St Petersburg’s Institute of History of Material Culture (Russian Academy of Sciences) working on the shoreline in Tyva Republic spotted a rectangle-shaped stone construction which looked like a burial. 'The mummy was in quite a good condition, with soft tissues, skin, clothing and belongings intact,’ said a scientist. Natalya Solovieva, the institute's deputy director, said: 'On the mummy are what we believe to be silk clothes, a beaded belt with a jet buckle, apparently with a pattern. Archeologist Dr Marina Kilunovskaya said: 'During excavations, the mummy of a young woman was found on the shore of the reservoir. ‘The lower part of the body was especially well preserved. This is not a classic mummy - in this case, the burial was tightly closed with a stone lid, enabling a process of natural mummification.’

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