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Curd ice cream with peach
(100 gr - 112.98 kcal)
Ice cream recipe:
150 g curd
4-5 tablespoons natural yoghurt
2 banana
1 peach (pear / nectarine / berries, etc.)
1 tbsp. honey (if you want it to be very sweet)

Beat cottage cheese with yogurt in a blender. If the cottage cheese is not very soft, wipe it through a sieve beforehand so that the cottage cheese has a paste consistency. Add bananas and honey (if desired), whisk again very carefully. Cut the peach - enough finely, and mix with the curd mass. Pour into molds and put in the freezer for 3 hours - if it is too hard, then let the ice cream stand up a little, and it will become very gentle, soft pleasure!

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