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Feeding hydrangeas
According to experts, feeding hydrangeas is not particularly difficult. If during the planting the wells were well filled with humus and soil mixture, then the first couple of years to do it at all is not necessary. But, starting from the third year, additional food should be made regularly - from two to five times per season.

On the fertile soil hydrangeas are fed in spring - during the most active growth, and in summer - during the budding period. On the poor it is necessary to increase the number of additional dressings.

The simplest variant of spring top dressing is a mixture containing equal shares of urea, superphosphate and potassium. Only 60 grams per bush is enough. Another recipe, designed for a square meter of landings:

- Urea - 25 g;
- Potassium sulphate - 35 g;
- superphosphate - 40 g.

With such proportions, during the formation of buds, it is sufficient to add from 60 to 80 g of superphosphate and from 40 to 45 g of potassium per square meter. meter.

On too poor soils, two or three smaller fertilizer applications will be needed, when chemical preparations can be replaced by slurry or bird droppings. At the end of summer, it is useful to additionally cover up to 20 kg of compost or well-repaired manure for plants .

But to mineral nitrogen fertilizing must be treated with caution. If the spring surplus of this element of food will lead only to the greening of flowers, then closer to the autumn it will negatively affect the wintering of the whole bush.

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