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Feeding hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are great gourmands. They gratefully respond to the fertilization of some, at first glance, unconventional products:

- kefir, curdled milk or whey, previously diluted with water several times;
- sour bread, soaked to a gruel-like condition;
- solution of potassium permanganate, weak enough not to burn roots and crown; it can not only be watered, but also sprayed.

These plants themselves tell the grower what nutrient they lack at the moment. If there are burns along the edges of the leaves - you need to feed potassium. In the case of yellowing of the entire leaf plate - nitrogen. And if the violet shade of greens is clearly visible - phosphorus.

Chlorosis of the leaves can begin with a lack of iron - then iron iron vitriol will help out . Its solution must be treated at least two times a month.

With the help of fertilizing, you can even change the color of the inflorescences. A solution of 4 g of potassium or ammonium alum in a liter of water can give them an unusual blue color. A potassium permanganate - to strengthen the pink shades. It changes the color of petals and watering with peat infusion. Moreover, the addition of different drugs from the opposite sides of the bush allows you to get a plant with flowers that differ in color from each other. To start such a metamorphosis, it is enough to apply these substances only twice a month.

The only thing to remember about when preparing the hydrangeas for fertilizing is the inadmissibility of ash and components containing lime. Reduced acidity in these colors is contraindicated.

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