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    Size for height 170, OG-100, OT-108
    Description of the cardigan in the store:
    Closure type
    : Without zipper Collar: Turndown
    # cardigan #
    PatternKardigana CARDIGAN'S DISPLAY
    Length: back: 62.5 cm (on pattern-60 cm)
    Sleeve length : Long
    Coat: straight
    Drawing: no pattern
    Material texture: textile Pocket
    type: no pockets
    Decorative elements: no items
    Cardigan shelves with an integral collar made of eco-moss with artificial fur on the wrong side. You can take an eco-leather. Back and sleeves made of knitted knitted fabric.
    You can change the size by adding or removing by 1 cm at the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. Okat sleeves and armholes do not touch!

    Скопировано с Швея-портниха от Natalia Yaxont

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